Children’s playground

A bit away from the house, on the edge of the volleyball meadow, a wooden playground with swings and climbing structures await our smallest guests.

Fire ring

Spend the evening by a campfire alongside Gilužis Lake. At the homestead you will also find two portable barbecues, which you can use anywhere on the property.

Outdoor fireplace

Add some variety to the celebration, inviting guests to come to the outdoor fireplace and treating them to juicy steaks, shashlik (shish kebab) or gourmet homemade hamburgers.

Outdoor games

A bit away from the main house, guests can play volleyball and badminton in a spacious pitch (field). We have two pairs of rackets. The pitch is perfect for football, so if you wish we can put up portable goals. Next to the children’s playground, there is a space for pétanque (lawn bowling), a game played with hollow metal balls, in which the goal is to throw them as close as possible to a wooden ball, called the cochonnet. Next to the sauna, test your precision throwing with darts and a dartboard.


A portable trampoline awaits our bounciest guests. Don’t think that this is just for kids! All who wish can enjoy it, because the trampoline can support a weight up to 120 kg.

Tabletop games

In the evening, you surely won’t lack things to do, and you can choose from a variety of tabletop games, including chess and checkers, Alias, Ticket to ride, cards... and maybe even try your hand at poker?

Table football (foosball, kicker)

Yes, we have table football at the Gilužis homestead. While on holiday, hold an unforgettable tournament on the outdoor terrace of the main house.

Wireless internet access

Gilužis homestead is a place to relax and to forget the cares and worries of everyday life. That’s why we do not recommend web-surfing! But if the latest news concerns you even in our peaceful natural surroundings, you do have wireless internet access.


A group of up to 15 may use our Russian-style steam bath. We take care of dried branches and relaxing fragrances in advance, and you can tell us after your arrival at the homestead if you wish to use the sauna, as preparing it takes only about 2 hours. The price is 90 € for a 3-hour session. We can invite a professional sauna specialist, who not only performs procedures, but also acquaints guests with the history and practices (some even call them rituals) associated with baths and saunas.

Hot tub

The outdoor hot tub next to the sauna house awaits you year-round. It can accommodate a group of up to 10 people, and the price is 100 €. Preparation takes 7-10 hours, depending on the season, so you should let us know in advance if you wish to use it.

Rowboat with fishing tackle

The name of Gilužis Lake, adjacent to the homestead, is derived from the Lithuanian word for “deep”, and it is well named indeed: the lake’s depth is as much as 25 m. Here the most common catch is bream, tench, crucian carp, bleak, roach and common rudd. According to local residents, enormous carp have been caught using tastier bait. There are also predatory fish, including pike and large European perch. Try your luck having rented a rowboat (7 €) and a fishing rod (5 €), and if you don’t care for fishing, you can just enjoy a peaceful trip on the water.

Professional kitchen chef

Since the very founding of the homestead, food for our celebrations is prepared only by professional kitchen chefs. We especially value high quality and distinctive taste, so we can recommend to you only the best masters of the culinary art.


We regularly update our selection of Lithuanian and foreign songs for karaoke evenings. Entertain your group, holding your concert in the living room of the house! The price is 10 € for an evening.


For several years, we have been working with companies from Vilnius and Molėtai that organise paintball events. We provide all the necessary equipment, and you play in natural surroundings. The price starts at 10 € per person.

Beauty procedures

For 8 years, we have been and remain faithful partners with beauty specialist Mantas. The spectrum of professionally-performed procedures is especially broad, including bagua, synchronic, trigger point, head and facial, lymphatic drainage, honey, classical, relaxing and aromatherapeutic massages, and wraps in mud or cello gel (this especially strengthens the skin). For a larger group, we can arrange for a team of beauty specialists to come.

Hot-air balloon flight

The Gilužis homestead has a wonderful neighbour who has been working in civil aviation for 40 years and takes all who wish on a hot-air balloon flight! After the flight, first-timers are initiated, and all passengers are presented with diplomas. The hot-air balloon can lift up to 400 kg, and the price of a 45-minute flight is 300 €.

Included services

Paid services